Buffalo Bill Cody Beer


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Testimonial; First Taste of BBCB

I’m not much of an Ale Beer drinker, been a Lager & barley style drinker. My experiences with Ale styles in the past, I’ve never had that right taste. When BBCB was sent to me from my hometown of Cody, I kept it in the cooler to get Ice cold. Waiting for the perfect time to experience this Ayl one more time. With my line of work, my childrens sports, this Hot humid weather?!…..it was time, & all I have to say is THANK YOU!, the Lager, & Barley style Beer is out!  BBCB, has the taste I honestly have been looking for, its not a strong Ale taste, you won me over!….I Love the taste, the logo is astonishing! & I can go on & on about BBCB, but I truly believe BBCB, will be around for a VERY long time, again Thank You!

– J Hernandez

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