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Testimonial; BBCB = Excellence

Being a lifelong fan of various seasonal ales, both light and dark, and a fan of the creative genius that is professional wrestling’s Eric Bischoff, I recently asked a friend who attended a business workshop out in the Wyoming area to make a detour to the Cody area, and bring me back some Buffalo Bill Cody Beer to the bustling East Coast, in the heart of Connecticut. Since I understandably haven’t read any accounts on tasting in the New England area, figure I’d compose a brief review.

Delicious is the proper word I would use to describe this beverage. It complemented a peppered steak and a heaping helping of mashed potatoes quite well. My friends sampled it with barbecue chicken and grilled corn and they loved the partnership. A kickass way to start a New England summer tonight.

A rye beer, definitely not too overbearing on the ‘hoppiness’, I do hope it makes its way out East for retail distribution sooner, than later. The bottles portray a well-done portrait of Buffalo Bill Cody atop a white horse, the late legend who founded Cody, opened the doors of the Irma Hotel, and established the TE Ranch. The beer claims to embody the spirit of the ‘Wild Wild West’ and even though my stops on the western side have been exclusively California and Nevada, I believe it is safe to say that it it does so. I don’t think an American man can argue that when a beverage complements a steak so well, that it doesn’t cement it’s own place in the beverage catalog in one's mind. It may be over $9.00 for a six pack, but you are receiving a premium product.

Best served chilled (and as cold as possible) I recommend this beverage to anyone who enjoys a fine-tasting brew after a hard work week or plainly allowing it to accompany and embellish a barbecue feast. What has seemed to start as a hobby for Eric Bischoff has seemingly struck a chord with beer connoisseurs and web publications. Have not seen a bad review yet, and I personally have nothing but positive things to say. Meetings to bring the beverage to Tennesee have commenced, as well as expansion around the Wyoming and Montana area. Keep an eye for this one.

And no, the rumor is NOT true that over-consumption of these beers will provide you the urge to spraypaint ‘nWo’; on Uncle Harvey while he is busy sizzling up the spare ribs at the summer picnics. Despite what James J. Dillon may say, this is NOT a side effect. 🙂

– A. Maurizio

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